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Mobile IPv6 user space daemons for Android

September 12, 2011 36 comments

This tutorial shows how to build the MIPv6 implementation for an Android phone. I recommend to read a previous post on the issue, where it is explained how to compile and configure the for an ordinary (Ubuntu) Linux environment.

Initially I have tried to use the prebuilt Android toolchain and after a lot of time spent trying to patch the code to fit the Bionic and other libraries requirements, I started looking for alternatives.

Thanks to Christian Graffe, who in his post on the Nautilus6 forum, give me the hints on how to go on. The solution to almost all my problems was using the CodeSourcery ARM GNU/Linux toolchain, which I’ve already used in my initial steps but I didn’t realize to use for compiling UMIP.

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Mobile IPv6 user space daemons in Linux (Ubuntu)

September 11, 2011 7 comments

There are two mostly up to date distributions of MIPv6 userspace daemons based on MIPL 2.0.2.

  • UMIP supported by USAGI project [1][2]
  • version, which includes some patches on the UMIP v0.4 from USAGI project

Next it is described how to compile, install and perfom a basic configuration of both versions. It’s up to you to choose one or the other, but only one distribution can be installed on the system. version has more recent updates.

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