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Installing Voyage Linux SDK

November 14, 2011 1 comment

Voyage Linux is Debian derived distribution that is best run on a x86 embedded platforms such as PC Engines ALIX/WRAP, Soekris 45xx/48xx and Atom-based boards. You can also run it on ordinary computers, but for that environments there are other more powerful distributions which you probably already know.

This tutorial tries to show how to install this environment on a board or PC environment. It is starting with the installation of the SDK as the basic environment for the latter customization that is done on the system.

Some of information is available on the Voyage Linux site. Part of it, mainly some installation procedures, is replicated in this howto (for the shake of my own order). However for the customization no information is included on the main site, so I hope the information included here will help you out.

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